It has been a time of seclusion and concern yet hope; and now the world begins the process of getting back to a sense of normalcy. Some may find it easy to return to normal and others will take it slow and cautiously. During this life changing event, we all must adapt.
What seems like the distant past, I recall visiting all but 1 club in our district; and it was one of the best experiences. As I visited with each of you, my theme was to be “change agents”, like Mission Impossible… your mission should you choose to accept it. Well, we’ve sure had to adapt over the last two months; and we’ll continue to change how we do things as Rotarians.
But the key to everything is HOW we change. We have to take all that is good about Rotary, the SPIRIT of Rotary - the willingness to serve, the integrity, the diversity, the fellowship, the leadership – our very DNA – this is the platform we must use moving forward.
So, how can you use the spirit of Rotary in pursuit of your successful changes as a club and Rotarian.  I love what Napoleon said, "What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." If you believe in yourself and believe in your club, then you can achieve absolutely everything you set out to accomplish.
Just think, two months ago you were meeting weekly in-person and now, you’re meeting virtually! Talk about adapting! If you’ve not taken on the opportunity to meet virtually, touch base with our district team and we’ll be glad to help. Remember, we have a dedicated page on to give you ideas on how to keep members engaged.
We have all endured difficult times. We always get through them. We have no choice. The question is how quickly and how successfully. Personally, I committed to restrict myself from checking stock market fluctuations and new Coronavirus cases. These metrics are beyond my control so it’s a waste of my time.  
I intend to focus my energies on helping my family, friends and Rotarians. I will connect as we’ve done all year. I will be encouraging and urge them to be a change agent…strive to become the solution for those in need right now.  
As a District Governor and business professional I have experienced so many wonderful highs and a good number of challenging lows.  I have never been more determined to be a problem solver than I am at this moment.
I wish you good health and a sense of optimism. We can and will overcome this… and be better because of it. Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.
Yours in Rotary,
Lance Singleton
District Governor 2019-2020