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July 5 - District Conference planning

Today, I met with my counterpart, DG 5770 Dennis Brigham, who’s become a true pal throughout the years preparing for our Governor year.  District 5770 sits just south of us with clubs in Moore, Norman, Ada, Pauls Valley, and more!
My favorite in-state getaway vacay is the Artesian Hotel & Resort in Sulphur, OK!  It sits within District 5770... so we are joining Rotary resources to give you a family-friendly, relaxing Rotary weekend getaway May 3-4, 2019.  Below is the tentative schedule of events:
Friday, May 3
  • Service project TBD (hoping for Oklahoma School for the Deaf)

  • Happy hour & perusal of club highlights

  • Rotarian Awards dinner 

Saturday, May 4
  • Breakfast with Rotary speaker

  • Break-outs/ kids' activities

  • All District(s) luncheon - Rotary club awards

  • Afternoon play time (on your own - pool, spa, fitness center, hiking, shops, etc) (guided - winery, hiking, Bedre chocolate tours, Chickasaw Cultural Center, etc.)

  • Kentucky Derby Foundation Night 

As much as I love planning parties, I need your help to make this weekend a success! Dennis and I are asking you to email us if you’re interested in one of the following committee positions:
District 5750/5770 Conference Co-chairs - one from each district - be the point person to lead conference team
District Service chair/committee - to set up service project and organize logistics (transportation, supplies needed, people needs, etc)
Club Highlights Co-Chairs - one from each district - Encourage clubs to set up areas to show off service projects, grants, fundraisers, fellowship, etc. so attendees can see what we are all up to!
Conference Marketing Co-Chairs - one from each district - to encourage attendance and promote the value of our Conference
Awards Co-Chairs - one from each district - organize club and individual award recipients  and determine certificates plaques, trophies, gift bags, etc. 
Decorating committee - to make/set up decorations like centerpieces, banners, signage, etc.
Swag co-chairs - to select conference swag (i.e. koozies, t-shirts, coasters, etc.) for give-away/purchase
Kids’ Co-Coordinators - to organize and implement kids’ activities during Friday awards dinner, Saturday break-outs for kids, Saturday afternoon activities, and Kids’ Camp in movie night during Derby/Foundation night.  Rotarians will be asked to pay for kid time.  This could be organized by RYLA, Rotaract, or clubs.
Tour guides - to organize and lead tours - Hiking at Sulphur Springs, Rusty Nail winery, hiking, Bedre chocolate tours, Chickasaw Cultural Center
Kentucky Derby Team - This is our final event and should be full-on fun and also raise a little (or a lot) for Foundation!  
Costume Contest Coordinator(s)... because fascinators, hats, bow ties ...
Fun & Games team... wine pull or horse decorating contest or skits or whatever we can throw in for the full-on fun
FUNdraisers - raffle, wine pull, horse racing, etc - let raise some $$$
Music Uplifter - Music is necessary.  Who can bring the tunes?
That’s what I’ve got so far!  If you’re interested or want to nominate someone - even if not (yet) in Rotary, all are welcome!  Let’s put on the greatest conference getaway weekend together and Be the Inspiration!!
Jessica Sherrill
Rotary District 5750 Governor (2018-2019)
Cell: 405-365-0616