D5750 District Grants Training – 2019-2020 Rotary Year

In addition to having the required training in a formal seminar setting, we also offer online grants training as an alternative.  The goal is to make the training more accessible to all Rotarians in the district and to expand club members’ understanding of both global and district grants.
Using online training, clubs can meet the qualification requirement that 2 club members attend grants training AND make information about grants available in detail to every club member. Currently, it is planned that clubs can become qualified ONLY by completing the Online Training. Remember, two members must complete the training.
For this experimental year, we have elected to use a training program developed by District 7780 and posted within the Learning Section of the Rotary International website.  It is believed that the elements presented in this onsite training cover the basics that must be understood to successfully participate in global or district grants.
However, there are differences between practices in D7780 and D5750. This document (also linked on the left) will provide instructions to complete the training and explain the differences between our districts. Keep in mind that to successfully complete the quiz at the end of each of the 3 modules, you must answer the questions from the perspective of D7780. Completing all of the modules and the quizzes should take less than 1 hour.
The videos for each module and their accompanying quizzes are listed at the left. Complete the quizzes and email them to Kevin Clark